VMware Infrastructure Client White Console Screen


After installing VMware ESXi 3.5 Hypervisor on one my Dell PowerEdge 2650s,  I ran into some trouble while launching my virtual machines.  I attempted various configurations but I could not get around the white console screen displayed on every virtual machine I powered on.

I researched this off and on for a few weeks while working on other projects but I finally stumbled upon the solution.  I had the misfortune of running the client on my Windows 7 Professional 64 bit laptop which is a compatibility issue according to the VMware knowledge base documentation.

VMware states the workaround is as follows:

  1. Uninstall all installed client versions including VI Client 2.5, vSphere Client 4.0, and vSphere Client 4.1.
  2. Re-install client versions in this order: VI Client 2.5 Update 6, vSphere Client 4.0 Update 2, and vSphere Client 4.1.  To download the clients, download the appropriate version of vCenter Server from the VMware Download Center.
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One comment on “VMware Infrastructure Client White Console Screen
  1. Blake Meyers says:

    I ran into this same “white screen” problem last night and remembered seeing your blog post a few months ago. I was doing the same thing – running the client on a Window 7 Professional operating system. Anyway, this helped me fix the problem, so now I am up and running. Thanks!

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