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My dad teaching me guitar (he doesn't really play either).

My dad teaching me guitar (he doesn’t really play either).

I have been described by some as a nerd.  I like to think that I am a nerd with social skills.  I started a data center inside of a coat closet in my apartment while I was in college.  I enjoy Weird Al music among other things.  I am catching up on Star Trek TOS.  My favorite band is the Eagles.  Sometimes I think I know how to play guitar.

I enjoy traveling by train and cycling.  Another passion of mine besides technology is model trains.  Although I have been without a train layout for several years, I hope to have one setup sometime this decade if I can ever stop fidgeting with technology.  I am a native of Northern California, specifically the San Francisco Bay Area.

Formally, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology from Brigham Young University – Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho.  I benefited greatly from many knowledgeable professors who promoted a hands on approach to learning current technology.

I can't resist showing off my servers to friends and roommates.

I can’t resist showing off my servers to friends and roommates.

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