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Cisco Router IPv4 Addressing (CCNA Lab 1-2)


This lab will help us better understand configuring a router’s serial and fast ethernet interfaces. This builds upon what was covered in CCNA Lab 1-1. The scenario for this lab is as follows: You are the network administrator at Ranet,

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Cisco Router Basic Network Configuration (CCNA Lab 1-1)

Screenshot of Packet Tracer lab with network topology.

A good practice method for the CCNA exam (Cisco Certified Networking Associate) if you have the Cisco study tool Packet Tracer is to download some practice labs that cover the CCNA objectives. A list of download links to 19 of

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Process Monitor from Microsoft Sysinternals Suite

An example of what Disk2vhd GUI looks like.

As referenced in When Vendors Refuse to Yield, here are the dirty details of how I got a poorly written Clarion application to work correctly with non-administrative accounts on a terminal server. To start off, it is possible that you

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When Vendors Refuse to Yield

Recently, I worked closely with a specific vendor of client and server side software for multi-location point of sale systems. As the project went on, I became annoyed with the nature of the software because it was not packaged in

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Star Trek Is The Future

Yet another person inspired by Star Trek has invented something that resembles a device used in the original series. It is not yet as sophisticated as the one used in the episodes but the thinking behind it is light years

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How to Virtualize a Physical Server Using Disk2vhd

A simple solution to converting an existing physical server into a vhd file is to use the free utility from Microsoft called Disk2vhd. This is useful for creating backups of a whole machine or only certain volumes. The resulting vhd

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Extend Volume – Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008 introduced some great tools to help us with extending volumes and other tricky things that were not offered in Windows Server 2003. So what if you still use Server 2003? I ran into a situation recently where

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VMware Infrastructure Client White Console Screen

After installing VMware ESXi 3.5 Hypervisor on one my Dell PowerEdge 2650s,  I ran into some trouble while launching my virtual machines.  I attempted various configurations but I could not get around the white console screen displayed on every virtual

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With Liberty and Servers for All

Dell PowerEdge 2650.

As a college student, I gained knowledge through books and lecture in most of my classes.  My favorite classes were those that had me learn by doing.  I thought to myself, “Why not continue learning by doing at home?” I

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